accumulations + traces + signs + spaces
​​​​​​​There is always something to see if you can manage to look. I often try to remind myself of this. At home. Out on the streets. Or on the move from one place to another. A simple act of looking with curiosity, even when there seems too much or nothing at all.

My current practice is an extension of this, from ongoing observations of peripheral details found in public places, to active excavations of accumulations gathering in private spaces, an attempt to sift through anything in the spirit of (re)discovery.

Whatever I may find typically become part of images or encounters that aim to represent human experiences, drawing from collections of fragments, residues and traces that (re)form ideas through a process of transformation and/or (re)integration.

The resulting works may reflect different themes, from current affairs like migration and conflict, to more personal matters like memories and trauma, or broad interests like communication and systems, but always with the intention of exploring ways of seeing.

With an interdisciplinary, multimedia and non-hierarchical approach, my projects openly embrace various methods and materials depending on the requirements of specific contexts, which may include elements of video, photography, digital production, graphic design, industrial fabrication, print, documentary, intervention, and more.
I am currently working on ongoing and overlapping ideas within this premise, and as such seeking platforms and opportunities to show, experiment and/or collaborate. Please feel free to reach out if any of these align with your own intentions and activities.