I am currently drawn to the traumas of the 21st century with particular attention to its manifestations, traces, and contradictions. These can be projections from my own personal experiences or observations of people, places, and situations in recent times. The outcomes and subject matter can be universal or specific depending on context, but typically with a desire to present narratives and perspectives that we may or may not readily see. 
Beyond this, I approach my practice with a freedom to explore anything I find compelling within internal parameters that usually overlap and resurface which can include geometric compositions, communication systems, the human form, semiotics, multimedia culture, current affairs, psychogeography, and the dynamics of private and public spaces. 
Common strategies include documentation, collection, repetition, appropriation, deconstruction, intervention, performance, and research that often result into images, texts, objects, and/or encounters. This is supported by an open attitude to materials and procedures including photography, moving images, and digital production from my academic and professional background, later developing with elements of painting, collage, installation, and whatever else necessary to resolve particular ideas and intentions.
In the greater scheme of things, my works are minute attempts to process my own position within contemporary conditions using tools and insights acquired over time. I only wish that my small efforts can in some way contribute to dialogues or reflections that could help enrich our awareness and understanding of intangible notions with real consequences like hope and despair, love and hate, joy and pain.

Solo Projects + Exhibitions
NEOLOGIC, Online via Instagram, April-May 2020
ATTENTION, PROW 66, Wimbledon, London, UK, 03-23 June 2019
JEDER TRAUM HAT SEINEN WEG, Projektraum Messing, Berlin, Germany, 22-23 Sept 2018
A TALE OF TWO CITIES, Hack Morecambe Festival, Morecambe, UK, 08-15 Sept 2018
A TALE OF TWO CITIES, Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton & Hove, UK, 13 Sept - 13 Oct 2018
Group Exhibitions + Events
DIGITAL SUMMER EXHIBITION, Curated by Feltham Arts, Online, April-May 2020
CHIAROSCURO, Curated by Martin Green, Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, UK, 15 Nov 2019
PHOTOBOOK FAIR, Curated by Impressions Gallery, Bradford, UK, 26 Oct 2019
ASTRONOMICAL LIGHT, Curated by LUMEN, The Crypt  Gallery, London, UK, 12 Oct 2019 

POSTOPIA: VISIONS OF TECHNOLOGY, Ugly Duck, London, UK, 22-24 Feb 2019
WHO WILL PROVIDE?, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK, 30 Oct - 04 Nov 2018
ACTIVISTS & ARCHITECTS OF CHANGE, Bloomsbury Festival 2018, London, UK, 20 Oct 2018
STREET ART FESTIVAL, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK, 01-31 Aug 2018
THE ART OF MAKING SENSE, Triangle Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK, May 2018

CHANNEL, Online + Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK, March 2018
Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK, Jan-Feb 2018
Education + Training
MFA in Fine Art, University of the Arts London: Chelsea, Camberwell, Wimbledon, 2017-2019
BA in Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2003-2006
Poet Fool (2016), PJ Studio, London, UK
Press Coverage
Art Connect Magazine, 'Neologic' featured in highlights for 27 Apr-3 May, April 2020 
#PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine, Life According to Graffiti: A Social Documentary, May 2016
People of Print, Poet Fool by Patrick Joseph, April 2016
Creative Boom, Hearts, Hashtags & Swastikas: What Streets Say About Us, March 2016
Archives + Collections
Poet Fool (2016) is archived at The British Library, London, England; Bodleian Library, Oxford University, England; The Cambridge University Library, England; National Library of Scotland; National Library of Wales; Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; and The Library Project (Photobook Collection), Dublin, Ireland.