My work aims to navigate the many intersections between art and media, often in an effort to explore particular ideas and/or observations that organically emerge from current affairs, contemporary cultures, and personal experiences, typically relating to social structures and communication systems.
Recurring themes in recent works include perceptions and perspectives, places and spaces, traces and accumulations, manifestations of trauma, and the implications of digital technologies.
With an interdisciplinary, multimedia, and non-hierarchical approach, the resulting works tend to materialise in different ways depending on context and circumstances, which can include elements of moving images, prints, texts, found materials, installations, community engagements, interventions, and others.
These activities are influenced by a diverse background that includes education in fine art and mass media, training in video and photography, and some experience with news and journalism.
Various projects are ongoing or in development, and I welcome opportunities to make, exhibit, write, research, organise, experiment, engage, and/or collaborate. Please feel free to get in touch.