Title: There is no there, there
Year: 2019

Dimensions: Variable
Material: Images, sound, texts, vinyl prints, screen/projection
Medium: Installation, photography, video, industrial printing

Exhibition History:
2019, MFA Show, UAL: Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK

There is no there, there is a multimedia work showing a collection of photographs alongside a video montage with ambient sound. The still images contain footprints and imprints on public surfaces documented for several years (2010-2019) through chance encounters, installed as vinyl prints covering an entire wall. The moving images present a sequence of continuous long shots from journeys in cars, trains, and boats across the UK, Europe, and Asia, accumulated over time (2011-2019) and edited to evoke the visual style of night vision cameras and surveillance footage, shown on loop on a screen mounted onto a section of the photographic wall. Both are punctuated by sounds of moving vehicles, walking people, cities, and nature. With elements of psychogeography and documentary, the concept explores traces of human movements, personal stories, and social narratives impacted by a decade of political, cultural, and environmental upheaval.
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