Screenshot of online page, video with sound, 10 minutes, streamed as advertisement on YouTube, 2017
This Time Belongs To You (2017) is an ongoing series of video advertisements with deliberately minimal audiovisual elements. The first video shows a solid black background and a title in the middle, with a delicate nature soundtrack made up of gentle waves, birds and wind. It went live online on 05 September 2017 and ran as a paid video ad on YouTube for two weeks where it gathered 400+ views across 50+ countries.
Inserted at the start of random videos, it had an average viewing time of three minutes, much longer than standard adverts, with a handful of people taking the full 10 minutes. This is the optimum duration for daily mindful meditation according to studies from University of Waterloo (Canada, May 2017) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands, Aug 2017). The work is a simple gesture that interrupts the constant stream of content typical in online platforms. It is an attempt to reclaim a slice of time for the viewer by disrupting the cycle of consumption with something unexpected and benign. 
Part of an ongoing interest in interventions and digital culture.
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