Digital photograph, material and size variable, part of an active series

'They Were Here' (working title) is an ongoing collection of involuntary imprints on public spaces, from shoe prints and tyre tracks to unintended splashes and scratches. Each one is randomly recorded through travel, work and daily life, an attempt to observe and highlight peripheral marks people leave behind.
This project is part of a wider enquiry on human-made traces and residual presence, aiming to reflect on the intersections between memory, visibility, history, experience and perspective, which so far include works like 'Poet Fool' (2016), 'Signs No 1 & 2' (2017) and 'Archive Abstract' (2018). This particular work also relates to an ongoing interest on journey and movement.
The images originate from digital files and can be exhibited in a variety of forms and scales depending on context.
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