Installation experiments for The Steps We Take (2018), 72 digital prints on photo paper with wire, pegs, and spotlight

Inspired by traces, I am working on an installation project using digital scans of objects and body parts related to the concept of journey and movement. In its first iteration, shown above, I scanned the soles of my shoes resulting in 72 A4 photographic prints, pegged onto a string or wire along a wall.
This is an ongoing work under development and can be tailored towards a specific context, with potential for community participation in its production. It can be exhibited in various forms including photographic prints, adhesive vinyl, wallpaper, clay tiles, canvas fabric, PVC banner, or digital projection. 
The Steps We Take (2018) aims to show the physical impact of each human step by highlighting the marks left from contact between a shoe and a surface. I consider each mark as a trace: of an action, a journey, a place, a choice, a person, a life. Yet each one is different - some shoes gather more dust, others appear more worn, and few stay seemingly pristine. The project attempts to explore the idea of residual imprints - some temporary, others lasting - each with a potential to affect for better or worse, depending on circumstances and attitudes at the time.
Broadly, this work may encourage a reflection on the human journey using the typical imagery of shoes, footprints and other symbols. I find this an interesting time to engage with this enquiry, given the current sociopolitical landscape dealing with ongoing refugee crises alongside toxic immigration rhetoric, particularly as someone from a diverse background who is a product of migration.
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