Pigment prints on archival cotton rag, 16x20in each

The Fist (2017) is a series of images made with digital scans of the artist's hand treated with a range of analogue colour filters, each one with its own characteristics. The work is a study of the ubiquitous clenched fist, often a loaded gesture which could mean a variety of things depending on context, from revolution and communism to power and resistance.
This was conceived against a backdrop of global uncertainty, division and discontent due to economic and sociopolitical crises in recent years, evident in the rising frequency of protests that contributed to the reemergence of this symbol.
The images can be exhibited in various printed forms and sizes, including archival paper, poster, adhesive vinyl, postcards, canvas fabric, PVC banners or wallpaper.  
Part of an ongoing interest in social issues, current affairs, signs and digital technology.
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