Spray Can Symphony (2017) is a kaleidoscopic video made from archived raw news footage filmed in 2013 while working as a multimedia journalist. Running for six minutes on loop, it contains deliberately distorted sounds and moving images from an original footage of street art and graffiti artists in London. 
The black-and-white video aims to capture the often haunting, mysterious and clandestine nature of this subculture by mimicking imagined qualities of a religious, spiritual, or supernatural encounter.
Using simple effects to achieve geometric abstraction, this work is part of ongoing experiments to produce 'meta-images' - still and moving pictures created with deconstructed material and/or process with the aim of retaining an essence through remaining fragments of shapes, forms, colours, light and/or sound.
It seeks an alternative aesthetic or approach from contemporary tendencies towards faux perfection and hyperreality in image-making, within the context of a digital age offering ubiquity and obsolescence in equal measures.
The video can be exhibited in different forms and scales depending on space, equipment and context, from digital projection to flatscreen/monitor playback, with sound through built-in or external speakers or headphones. Preview link available.
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