Installation experiments for Memory Cloud (2018), digital video with sound projected onto walls in dark room
As part of my exploration of digital accumulations and traces/residues, I am working on a video installation using images from my personal archive and audio from streaming services. Shown above is the first video experiment for Memory Cloud (2018), a movement of abstract colours with snippets of sound from film, television and radio.
The video contains 100 randomly selected images from my personal archive that exist in a digital storage service (a cloud), each one deconstructed to remove the specificity of its content and leave only traces of the essential colours within the picture, visually inspired by the abstract paintings of Mark Rothko. 
The colours and soundbites are designed to trigger memory. Researchers have long studied the relationship between memory, sight and sound, such as the 2002 study of American Psychological Association on “The Contributions of Colour to Recognition Memory for Natural Scenes”, considering colour as a trigger for certain images archived in the brain.
​The audio track is primarily made up of lines from more than 65 popular films, gathering fragments of dialogue relating to memory from a wide range of scenarios, each one selected to support the aims of the colour visuals. It is punctuated and distorted by a mash up of familiar sounds including clocks, radio and television.
This project can be exhibited in various forms and scales, from projection to flatscreen/monitor playback, and can range from a simple single video to multiple installations within a given space. Preview link available.
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