Attention (2019) is a temporary installation of custom-made street signs along an unnamed public right of way in Wimbledon Chase, known only by its designated number PROW 66, connecting Merton Hall Road and Kingston Road.
The work features 40+ reimagined signs with vaguely relatable statements, selected from an ongoing collection of found texts and symbols left behind anonymously in public places across the UK and beyond.
Part of an active series of works exploring transient spaces and omnipresent traces, the project hopes to stimulate a reflection on human experiences today through fragments of compulsive expressions that seem to convey personal moments of optimism or enlightenment.
This particular iteration was developed and proposed specifically for this site as an attempt to explore its potential as a blank canvas for an unexpected visual encounter in an unlikely place, as well as an effort to engage with its locality and space.
With permission from Merton Council, this temporary public exhibit ran between 03 - 22 June, 2019.
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